Type on Screen

I chose Josefin Slab because I like how it looks and I like that there are several styles of this font. This looks like a font I would use because it is simple and elegant with a little twist of fanciful. Here are the criteria from the Lupton book: Legibility – How distinct are the … Continue reading Type on Screen

How Things Change

I started this blog many years ago, when I was at a very different place in my life.  Here is what my about page said at that time: Peace-nik/hippie-chic…artsyphartsy, organic, granola, bohemian wife, mother, midwife and healer… maybe getting a little bit more interesting as I ease gracefully into eccentric. I love to cook amazing … Continue reading How Things Change

A New Start

Hello again! This blog will now be used as my blog for a class I have this semester – Web Design! I am excited to learn all this class is about…and WordPress! I mostly  use wordpress for myself and for clients, and learning the deeper stuff will really come in handy. We are tasked with … Continue reading A New Start

Snowy Day!

The first snow of the year fell on Centre County this last 24 hours…and it is not over yet.  This is the earliest measurable accumuation of snow since they started keeping track….global climate change, anyone? Because we are high up on Moose Mountain, we get a little more snow than the rest of y’all.  Usually, … Continue reading Snowy Day!